The 44 leaders we’ve endorsed for county, municipal, and local elected offices in 2018 will not only have a direct and immediate impact on their community, they’ll also provide important opportunities to develop, test, and implement the kind of bold, inclusive populist solutions our country desperately at every level of government.

Democracy for America members are excited to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this transformative slate of county, municipal, and local leaders because we know that the fight for racial and economic justice has to waged from the top to the bottom of our ballots.”

Jim Dean
Chair of Democracy for America

“This endorsement is a recognition of Kelly’s advocacy for teachers and support professionals, as well as Kelly’s support for neighborhood public schools in Florida” 

Don Peace
United School Employees of Pasco

We are very pleased to endorse Kelly Smith, who is an environmental advocate with extensive management experience in both the public and private sectors. She supports practical solutions to accommodate the rapid growth of Pasco County in ways that support the well-being of both the environment and the economy. We are confident that she will help move Pasco County in the direction of sustainable development with a transportation infrastructure that makes sense for its citizens.”
Dan Huber
Sierra Club Spokesperson

“We are pleased to see so many veterans and others who take veteran issues seriously stepping up to serve in public office. It can only help the situation for veterans in this country to have you as an elected official so well aware of the issues facing them.” 

Phil Giorno
Vice Chair of the Florida Democratic Party & President of the Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida

“On behalf of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, we are pleased to announce that Kelly Smith’s 2018 campaign has received our endorsement. We thank Kelly for stepping up to run for Pasco County Commission District 2 and for representing our progressive values.  We recognize it takes commitment and teamwork to drive a progressive agenda and look forward to working with Kelly to make that a reality.”
Susan Smith
Michael Calderin
Vice-President, Campaign Committee Chair

“We are pleased to announce the endorsement of Kelly Smith by the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida. We appreciate Kelly’s commitment to preserve protect and enhance Florida’s natural environment. We will do everything we can to announce that commitment.”

Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

“Kelly Smith supports reproductive rights in Florida and will protect and defend these rights. #VOTEPROCHOICE is endorsing Smith because of her unwavering support of reproductive rights for all Floridians.”

Heidi Sieck

Co-founder and CEO of #VOTEPROCHOICE

Alex Sink, the former Chief Financial Officer of Florida, has endorsed Kelly Smith for Pasco County Commissioner